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Einstein Was Right! May 8, 2011

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out!
But you can feel like one when you don’t have to worry about your pet all day.

You work away from home. I work in your neighborhood. Your lovely pet needs to do his/her business as well. You don’t want to be worrying about your little cutie while you are trying to focus and I love dogs, love cats, and have a flexible schedule.

  • YOU: live in or near Wallingford/Green Lake and need someone to swing by your house  to check on your pet, and maybe even your house.
  • ME: I live and work in your neighborhood and want to give you and your pet the individualized attention to take the stress off your day.

Select from a range of services:

  • Exercise and play time
  • Refreshing food and water
  • Cleaning up indoor and outdoor messes, and litter box clean up while you are away
  • More petting and playing
  • Your Family Pet blog posts with photos of your cutie during the day
  • House sitting services, such as mail pick up, watering plants (or gardens), turning on/off lights ~ all the things that make your life feel just a little less stressed!

Email and let us know what you need: einsteinspets@gmail.com

Packages start with a sliding scale of $15-18 for a 20 minute potty break for dogs (or brief playtime for cats) and go up depending on how many services you need (multiple days per week or extended vacation days/ multiple pets/ blog access and photos, house sitting.)

This is a family owned business and my hope is that you will be happy with our attention to detail provided with a personal and artistic touch.
We have one lovely, amazing old girl. She is a border collie mix , and had a cat for 16 years that we had to say good-bye to last spring ~ so I can’t wit to meet your kitty! Your pet will be cared for as if it was our own, only to your specifications and in your home and neighborhood.

Email for more information and find out how you can make everyone in your house a little happier, including you!

                                                  Email: einsteinspets@gmail.com or call 206 816 9764